Postdoctoral Research (or Scientist) Positions in the Abate Lab at UCSF

We are seeking to hire innovative, hypothesis-generating, self-motivated researchers for multiple postdoctoral (or scientist) positions. Our lab provides unique, multidisciplinary training that is optimal for individuals interested in pursuing independent, research-intensive careers in academia or industry. We pursue a philosophy that the best science is done by generating tools and methodologies in response to important biological questions with high impact applications, using data generated in our lab. If you are excited by the idea of developing the mindset of a principle investigator, taking intellectual risks, and exploring true unknowns to generate major advances in knowledge and technology, please reach out to

Currently, positions are available for:

  • Bioinformatics for next generation sequencing
  • HIV virology with microfluidics

Skills and qualifications


We seek candidates interested in developing novel bioinformatics methods and generating biologically meaningful hypotheses with data generated by our microfluidics technologies. Our technologies generate next generation sequencing datasets containing single cell and virus genomes and full-length enriched genome islands and gene clusters.

HIV virology:

We seek candidates with strong molecular biology experience. Ability to develop and optimize assays and troubleshoot biological reactions is essential, including PCR assays and next generation sequencing. Virology expertise is preferred, not required. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals with strong biology backgrounds who are interested in picking up new skill sets in bioinformatics, microfluidics technology development, and bioengineering.

General skills sought for all candidates:

  • PhD in molecular biology, cellular biology, genetics, bioengineering, bioinformatics, or related fields
  • Strong interest in developing new technologies or bioinformatic approaches to cutting-edge biological questions and experimental data
  • Engineering, problem-solving mindset, regardless of disciplinary background
  • Strong  ambition to develop the skills and mindsets necessary for independently leading high impact research programs in their future careers

Our Lab

People who enjoy working on the edges of “new and crazy” ideas and technologies tend to thrive in the Abate lab. Our lab consists of ~20 members with diverse backgrounds spanning physics, engineering, biology, and bioengineering. We are results-driven and work collaboratively to efficiently address experimental or other barriers to progress. Our lab has a track record of commercializing technologies we develop, providing exposure to best practices in incubation and startup development.

Training Environment

On a daily basis, trainees are supported primarily via interactions with their colleagues, supplemented by weekly lab meetings and individual meetings with Dr. Abate. Our lab is an excellent environment for driven, self-motivated people looking to pick up new skill sets to round out their training.

Postdoctoral scholars are expected to be strategically pursuing further training to establish their own independent, research-intensive careers. Activities necessary for pursuing a principle investigator role in academia or industry are highly encouraged, including applications for independent funding and fellowships, attending conferences, and an exemplary publication record.

The broader UCSF community further enhances what our lab offers with the Office of Career and Professional Development – one of the nation’s most highly reputed career service offices for biomedical PhDs and postdocs – and the UCSF Office for Postdoctoral Scholars.

Application process

Applications should be sent to and should include:

  1. Cover letter (Describe your research background and interests, emphasizing multidisciplinary training and interests relevant to the work of the Abate lab. Please briefly address your long-term career interests and how you expect this position will help you achieve your professional goals.)
  2. CV
  3. Contact details for three referees

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified candidates will receive consideration for the position.

Application deadline: Ongoing until filled. Review of candidates will occur on a rolling basis.